Updated: Jan 26, 2021

This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions. The answer is yes they can (but NO they shouldn't be), if they're fitted incorrectly yes of course, which is why its so important to do your research, look for specialists and look for pictures of their fittings.

If you cant find any pictures of the stylists fittings there's probably a reason for this.

Sections should be neat and clean, with no cross hairs. It's also very important that the client follows all the aftercare advise that is given to them and attend their regular maintenance appointments.

Hair Extensions should promote hair growth.

When hair extensions are fitted correctly there's a lot of benefits to them. Your using professional good quality products that you may of not been using before. Your hair is getting regular trims in-between refits. Your colouring your hair less, with just choosing to get your T-section coloured and around your hair line instead of getting a full head colour. Your putting less heat onto your hair from heated tools because the hair extensions hold a curl a lot longer than your natural hair does and your natural hair is more protected as the extensions are laying over the top of your hair. You will be using the correct hair brush that doesn't pull and snap/break your hair.

With all these changes you will really see your hair growing.

Aftercare & Maintenance

Following your extensionist/stylists aftercare advice is so important for the health of your natural hair and the hair extensions. You must also attend all your maintenance appointments within the recommended time frame.

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